Principles of Waydwerk

As a young company we provide motivation, organisational skills, reliability and above all honesty.

Moreover, we believe that our hunters and guest hunters have a very special responsibility, which we want to live up to our best knowledge and belief. Consequently, we have established clear values that the name Waydwerk implies. At the same time, these principles represent decisive criteria for the selected hunting destinations to provide the original fascination of foreign hunting.

Expertly Hunting: The hunting traditions and associated customs are our commitment; in domestic but also in hunting areas around the world. Thus we also want to consider the religious and cultural mores of the host country. Our aim is to take account of national and regional customs and regulations of local hunting.

Sustainable hunting: The sustainable use of natural resources is an internationally recognised approach in terms of protection and management of resources for the conservation of biological diversity. Thus, sustainable exerted hunting is essential for us and a form of legitimate use of natural resources - not only in Germany, but the rest of the world.

Trophy hunting: For us, the trophy is a part of the hunt. But rather it should be part of the experience and fascination as the sole objective. Trophy hunting should imply direct benefits for nature conservation. Through this approach, it is already proven that many nations use trophy hunting as protective measure for certain species, to provide incentives for the conservation of habitat and species, and to reduce poaching drastically.

Venison: Game is one of the most valuable kinds of food. Therefore, it should be used responsible and its processing as well as the consideration of the needs of the local population should be in the focus.

Trophy fees: They are also an integral part of the hunting trip as the trophy and the game. For this reason, they are due directly in the hunting area and should thus be transmitted directly to the infrastructure of the territory and wildlife management.

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