Help & Hunt South Africa

Help & Hunt - The Package for Young Hunters

HELP & HUNT is not only advantageous for the young hunters, but also helps the hunting host. After getting the costly hunting licence, the majority spends a lot of money for hunting equipment etc. Therefore, the monetary recources are stressed. Many other cost-intensive issues reinforce the situation and a hunting trip seems to become beyond reach.

In addtion, there are many questionmarks concering the hunting trip itself. Where to go? Which game is suitable for young hunters? Which forms have to be filled? And in the end, how much does it cost? 

All those questions will be answered by Waydwerk with transparend and tailord hunting packaged for young hunters. Thus, Help & Hunt packages are easy designed: You as an young hunter get the opportunity to gain first international experience for an attractive price.

The packages include hunting for the game listed below and your help on the farm, for example stand building or wildlife management. As a result, you benefit from the favorable price and the valuable practice-oriented experience.

So, what are you waiting for?

Here are our Help & Hunt packages: