Originally and Passionate – my Waydwerk

I am a trained event manager and concluded my Bachelor of Business Administration studies in the Netherlands. My mother is French, my Father is German and currently, I study for a master’s degree at the University of Liverpool – internationality at its best.

But what about hunting? That started quite early in our domestic territory. My father managed to inspire me so much for the outdoors that until today it just doesn’t let me go - and that’s a good thing! I can still remember myself as a six year old boy marching through our area in the Eifel region between the drivers, equipped with rubber boots, my nice Austrian hunting hat and the hunting horn from uncle Hans. Then everything went pretty quickly: I started to apply for the hunting license when I was 14 and passed the exam as youngest when I was 15. Then, I had to be patient for at least one year till I received my hunting license.

Pretty much has changed since then, however, the passion for the “green craft” didn’t. After safaris in Africa, Scandinavia, Austria and other beautiful countries the urge grew stronger and became unstoppable. Living the passion and make hunting as well as cross-border activities the profession became a project. The result is obvious in front of on the screen – Waydwerk. I hope you like it and share our passion!

With kind regards and Waidmannsheil!

Cédric Rauhaus

Tel. +49 (0)2154 4823322

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