Into the Great Outdoors – my Waydwerk

As a young hunter, I still have a clear view. This allows me to pave new ways when it comes to the development of interesting hunting travels. In addition, the cooperation with our hunting enthusiast Cédric, as well as the constant exchange between young hunter and experienced hunter helps regarding the continuous development of our ideas.

However, I am not entirely inexperienced as I am in contact with hunting for many years. Due to the fact that some of my friends are hunters, I was already able to gain some experience in domestic territories. The absolute highlight so far was my travels to South Africa. The game keeping as well as hunting, and thus the possibility to spend a lot of time in the nature, represents a responsible task for me.

Especially by such adventures abroad and my foreign studies I know how helpful it can be to rely on an experienced partner.

With kind regards and Waidmannsheil!

Philippe Hohnke

Tel. +49 (0)2154 4823322

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