A Hunting Experience North of the Arctic Circle

SWEDEN provides captivating and diverse hunting opportunities in the far north. Tornedalens forest landscape is rough, untouched and leaves nothing to be desired. Join that fascinating and varied kind of hunting! The hunting area between the mountains Teuravaara and Pahtalinkavaraa is challenging and provides exciting mountainous terrain. A particular challenge represents the calling for fox. In addition, this area is abounding in capercaillie, black grouse and moose, which promises special hunting challenges and experiences. Autumn is in Sweden the most colourful time of the year. In September, the leaves turn yellow, orange and red. Accordingly, September is the great month of the moose hunters. October and November are particularly appealing for hunting hare, fox, grouse, beaver and moose.

THE HUNTING LODGE is located in the middle of the hunting area, is quaint and cosy. A varied environment is dominated by dense forests and moorlands. After a hard day of hunting the Scandinavian cosiness invites for an evening sauna in the forest. And to be honest, what could be better than to let off a busy day of hunting in the sauna?


THE HUNTING and berry season begins in late August when the heather and cloudberries are ripe and the bird hunt is on. This is also the time where the bear hunt begins. The following months of September, October and November provide new hunting opportunities for capercaillie, black grouse and moose. However, hunting in the pristine nature without a professional hunting guide is nearly impossible. A professional guide (speaks, German, Swedish and English) will always accompany you during the challenging hunt.

Subsequently, the typical procedure of a hunting week for capercaillie and black grouse:
Day 1: Arrival of the guests. After accommodation, the rifles will be zeroed. The evening will be characterised by a dinner, sauna and the planning of the first hunting day.

Days 2-4-: After an early and savoury breakfast we head into our hunting area. We will have lunch and coffee by the campfire. The day ends with a dinner and a sauna session at the hunting camp.
Day 5: Breakfast and departure to stalking until noon. Food and coffee are served outdoors. After returning we will discuss the events of the last days. Then the return journey begins.

THE GAME such as bear, moose, capercaillie and black grouse has its own unique charms which can be described only with difficulty. What is certain is that the bear population has increased considerably in recent years so that a certain number can be hunted now to keep the population at the same level. Also black grouse, capercaillie and moose benefit from the effective Swedish wildlife management.




Contact: Cédric Rauhaus