A World Within a Country

SOUTH AFRICA is geologically one of the most diverse countries in the world. It offers fascinating contrasts such as vast desert landscapes in the west and subtropical rainforest in the east. This scenic and climatic contrasts form an almost perfect environment game and plant species. Moreover, this diversity gave South Africa the nickname “a world within a country”; a paradise for hunters as well as nature lovers.


THE LODGE is located in the heart of the Marico Bushveld near the border of Botswana. It can be found 1,400 meters above sea level at the foot of a mountain range. Here you are surrounded by the diverse African nature. There, you will have a unique view of the environment and the 4,000-acre farm. The Madikwe Game Reserve and Sun City with its casinos and malls are not far away as well.


HUNTING in South Africa is the fulfilment of a long cherished dream for many hunters. It does not require a great change of local hunting habits as it is you who determines how and at what time of the day you wish to hunt. Here, you will always be accompanied by an African guide. Basically, the South African hunting day begins with a morning stand before breakfast. After breakfast you will drive back to the hunting district for stalking, which will be continued after lunch – depending on weather conditions and physical being. Alternatively, over 20 stands are available all over the area.


THE GAME is benefiting from the good conditions in the Marico Bushveld. Accordingly, you will find strong trophies of Oryx, Kudu and Blue Wildebeest. In addition, you can hunt for bushbuck, eland, impala, zebra, waterbuck and other species. Find more information in our offers!




Contact: Philippe Hohnke